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This website provides list of Colleges and Universities in Alberta, Canada.  We provide links direct to the school websites, where students can find detailed information about courses, programs, degrees, student loans, grants and more. Most of the schools listed here are located in two major cities: Calgary and Edmonton.

You can find usefull information and news related to Post Secondary Education in province of Alberta on this website as well.


Alberta Colleges

Please visit our Alberta Education News section where we are providing up to date data from multiple sources.

What is the difference between a college and university?
A lot of people are asking this question. Are you one of them? If yes, then this website is for you. Are you looking for Education Information in Alberta, Canada? Even better, this place is right for you!

Please be aware that there is a very distinct difference using this terminology around the world. The difference between College and University depends upon which country you are referring to. Find out more: College & University Difference.

Alberta Maps
We are providing few basic maps of Alberta and larger cities. Maps are either images or integrated solution using Google Maps. Following are links available to see maps: Alberta Map picture, Alberta Map using Google, Calgary Map using Google, Edmonton Map using Google and Lethbridge Map using Google.

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